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November 18th is Mickey and Minnie Mouse's Birthday

Nov 18 • 1 minute read

At the heart of the happiest place on Earth are Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Disney's most beloved characters. For decades, this iconic pair has been bringing joy to children around the world. On November 18th each year, Mickey & Minnie Mouse's birthdays are celebrated at Disney theme parks and other properties, as well as online and on Disney's television channels.

The Birth of a Legend

Mickey and Minnie's birthdays are celebrated on November 18th because this date marks their film debut in the Walt Disney classic short film Steamboat Willie. The first of Walt Disney's films to be distributed and one of the first cartoons anywhere to include synchronized sound, Steamboat Willie marks the beginning of nearly a century of delight with the world's favorite mice from the imagination of Walt Disney and his animators.

Celebrations Abound

Birthday festivities vary from year to year and between parks. Last year, the closure of the parks due to the pandemic led to the birthday celebration being a virtual one, and there will likely be virtual options this year, too. In the parks, Mickey and Minnie's birthdays are typically celebrated with special birthday entertainment and photo opportunities, as well as tasty treats and merchandise, including commemorative pins sure to bring smiles to collectors' faces.

Whether you're donning your Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears and heading to Disney to celebrate in person or celebrating the birthdays of the world's favorite married mice in the comfort of your home, don't let November 18th pass without a happy birthday wish and a smile for Mickey and Minnie. To keep your family's smiles going all year long, schedule an appointment with the Pediatric Dental Group today.

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