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Happy Father's Day to Our Favorite Dads!

Jun 20 • 4 minute read

Parents of young children have a tough job making sure their little ones stay safe and healthy. They deserve to enjoy a special day, and Father's Day is an official holiday when we pay homage to all the dads out there.

The Start of a Tradition

Father's Day was first proposed by the daughter of a Civil War veteran who raised his six children as a single father in Washington. Supporters throughout the state adhered to an annual lukewarm acknowledgment of male parents, but the idea never garnered the same interest as Mother's Day.  

Almost two decades later, the veteran's daughter enlisted the men's apparel industry to market a day honoring fathers, which eventually became a commercial success. Still, attempts to create a national holiday failed. Finally, President Johnson issued a proclamation declaring Father's Day on the third Sunday in June. In 1972, President Nixon made Father's Day an official legal holiday, and we continue to celebrate fathers on that day today. 

Ways To Honor Dad

When we think about how fathers support their kids and families, we may wonder why it took so long to give them an official holiday. Fathers are sometimes mothers and always teachers. They are coaches and mentors, occasionally friends, but constant parents. They are Mouth Monster warriors that make sure kids brush and floss and protectors against scary things that bump around at night. They are partners in crime or solo navigators. This Father's Day, plan to honor the dad in your life in a special way. If you need some suggestions, here are some thoughts.

Let Him Sleep In

This is the day to deactivate the snooze button and let Dad sleep in. If he has his heart set on spending his morning at the golf course, plan to wake his mini caddies to share an early morning breakfast with him. He can sleep some more when he returns.  

Prepare His Favorite Foods

Preparing a festive meal will make him feel special, but a buffet of all his favorites foods tells him that no one equals him as a dad. Be sure to include his favorite drinks, and do not forget about something sweet. His kids will vouch for his expertise in upholding good oral hygiene habits.

Plan a Movie Marathon

Whether he loves action films or cerebral documentaries, your favorite dad will appreciate viewing his favorite movies, back-to-back. Join him in front of the screen and watch his face light up as he points out his favorite parts.

Organize a Beach Picnic

If you live in Hawaii, you know that the beaches are spectacular. The chances are good that the dad in your life is a fan of the sun and surf, so plan a beach day that the whole family can enjoy together. Be sure to bring along his favorite tunes, and do not be surprised if he breaks out his dance moves on the sand. Feel free to join him!

Get To Know Him

Gather the kids to ask their dad questions about what it was like when he was a kid. This can be an excellent bonding activity and will remind him of special times when growing up.

Give Him a Spa Day

Who does not love relaxation and pampering? Father's Day is a perfect time to give a dad some TLC by creating a spa experience at home. Assemble a basket of soothing bath soaps, lotions and essential oils and prepare a warm bubble bath to help him unwind. Add a soft bathrobe and slippers and watch the stress of the previous week melt away.

Relieve Him from His Duties

Parenting responsibilities and daily chores can leave a dad feeling exhausted by the end of the week. He cannot stop being a dad, but he can get a reprieve from his other duties around the house. Whether those include taking out the trash, cooking, cleaning, or bathing the dog, today is the day for other family members to take on those chores.

Open a Special Bottle of Wine

This one is suitable for adults only, so wait until the kids are in bed before you crack open a special vintage that you know he will love, and you can savor together. This is an excellent time to tell him about all the ways he is a stellar father.

Take Turns Appreciating Him

He knows you love him, but it is easy to forget to express all the ways you appreciate him when daily life gets in the way. Gather the kids to share what your family loves about him. He may be surprised and deeply touched by what he hears.

Plan a Day Trip

Take him on a short trip to somewhere he is always wanted to go, or a place he always enjoys going. Whether it is a museum or hiking trail, it is his choice. 

As a parent, you do your best to keep your kids safe, healthy, and happy. For guidance about teaching your kids to combat those pesky Mouth Monsters, schedule an appointment with a dentist at Pediatric Dental Group.

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