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4 Reasons the World Needs National Best Friends Day

Jun 8 • 2 minute read

Did you know June 8 is National Best Friends Day? Pediatric Dental Group understands the importance of friendships, not just for children but for everyone. With pandemics, stay-at-home orders and social distancing causing isolation and separation, friendships are more important than ever. Here are four benefits to celebrate this National Best Friends Day. 

1. Mirror Neurons

Mirror neurons are essential for childhood development. They help children learn, develop, and connect to others. Mirror neurons allow people to authentically imitate the body language of others, their facial expressions, and their emotions, fostering empathy. Maintaining peace and empathetic calm when someone you care about is upset can help to settle them. The shared experience produces closeness, which is critical for social connection.

2. Quality Relationship

When it comes to relationships, quality vastly outweighs quantity. In other words, it does not matter how many friends you have but how deep the friendships are. Studies have shown that quality relationships result in people living longer, becoming happier and reaching a higher quality of life than those without meaningful relationships.

3. Confidence

Best friends know almost everything there is to know about one another. People share things with a best friend that they may choose to withhold from others. With safety and trust as the foundation, close friends feel free to be who they really are without fear of judgment or reprisal from the other. This does not mean that best friends don't hold one another accountable. Rather, it means that feedback comes from a place of care and concern instead of judgment. For this reason, this type of friendship solidifies self-confidence and esteem. 

4. Mental Health

People who do not have any deep relationships experience depression and other mental health issues more often than those with close, meaningful friendships. Mental health issues increased due to the pandemic, which highlights the importance and necessity of a best friend. Therefore, National Best Friends Day is the perfect opportunity to thank your best friend for contributing in a positive way to your mental health. Because of the mirror neurons mentioned in the first point, beneficial contributions go both ways as each friend positively shapes the other. 

Start With a Smile

A smile goes a long way. This National Best Friends Day, give your bestie a smile to brighten the day. In addition, find an opportunity to get to know someone better by approaching them with a smile, starting a conversation and offering some encouragement. If you need help with your smile, contact the Pediatric Dental Group.

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