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4 Ideas to Celebrate World Chocolate Day

Jul 7 • 1 minute read

Europeans account for about half of the world’s consumption of chocolate, but that does not mean that Americans do not love the sweet treat. Hershey’s makes over 70 million Kisses alone each day to satisfy all the cravings. Let us celebrate World Chocolate Day on July 7, 2021, by enjoying chocolate with all the senses.

Put Yourself in a Good Mood by Smelling Chocolate

Scientists in Australia studied the effects of chocolate aromas. Early findings indicate that the smell of chocolate reduces stress and makes a person more relaxed. Buy some different varieties of chocolate, dark cocoa powder, white chocolate chips and cocoa nibs. Wear a blindfold while smelling the different types to fully appreciate the wide range of scents.

Bake Something Fun with Chocolate

Try out a new recipe with chocolate this year. Whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and take them to someone who needs a pick-me-up. Maybe even try a savory dish with chocolate for a new flavor profile. Experiment on World Chocolate Day.  

Watch a Movie or Documentary About Chocolate

Enjoy chocolate without the calories by learning more about it through one of the documentaries available online. Sit down and watch “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,” or another movie that features chocolate.

Have a Chocolate Spa Day

Hershey’s has some wonderful ideas for a DIY Chocolate Spa day to enjoy with the kids. With a little research, you will find dozens of recipes for at-home chocolate masks, sugar scrubs and more. You will need a few other ingredients from your grocery store, but you can indulge without ever eating chocolate.

Enjoy Your Chocolate While Taking Care of Your Kid’s Teeth

Chocolate is a favorite treat, but it does have sugars that can damage small teeth. After eating chocolate, rinse your mouth with water or have a crunchy snack, like an apple or carrot. Brush and floss teeth daily. Keep up with regular dental visits to keep your kid’s teeth healthy. Ask your dentist with Pediatric Dental Group about fluoride treatments to protect young teeth.

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