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3 Ways to Celebrate National Son's and Daughter's Day

Aug 11 • 1 minute read

If there is a Mother's Day and a Father's Day, is not it only fair that there be a day to celebrate kids, too? In fact, August 11 is officially recognized as National Son's and Daughter's Day. Consider a few fun ways you can celebrate your kiddos this August.

1. Go on an Outing

The adventures you take with your young children are sure to make up some of their fondest memories in later years. Though movie theaters, amusement parks, and long-distance trips are fun, outings with your family don't have to be extravagant or expensive. Something as simple as planning a picnic at the park or visiting a nearby museum is sure to make your children feel loved.

2. Make a Special Meal

Another fun way to celebrate your kiddos is to make a meal that includes each child's favorite dish. Ask your kids to work together to create a menu for the evening of August 11 and prepare a meal accordingly. Though you might end up with a strange combination of flavors, dinner will no doubt please the whole crowd.

3. Offer Up Encouragement

Finally, consider writing a note or making something homemade for each of your children. Highlight the qualities you love the most about each one and the ways he or she has made you proud. You could even turn this into a group activity in which each of your kids says something nice about his or her siblings.

National Son's and Daughter's Day is all about slowing down and giving special attention to young people. At Pediatric Dental Group, we strive to do this every day as we promote kids' dental health. Our experienced staff offers numerous services, including dental cleanings, X-rays, fillings, caps, and even orthodontics. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at either our Honolulu or Lihue office.

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