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How Could International Youth Day Benefit Your Children?

Aug 12 • 2 minute read

Though many people may not be familiar with International Youth Day, this holiday has been recognized for over 20 years. Starting in 2000, the United Nations appointed August 12 of each year to be a day when governments and individuals give special attention to the unique concerns that affect people between the ages of 15 and 24. Adolescents and young adults, after all, are impacted differently than older adults when it comes to changes in education, employment, technology, culture, and other key issues. Likewise, young people have the potential to positively impact the world in a way that is distinct to their generation.

International Youth Day Events

Each August, nations celebrate IYD in various ways. Some locations hold concerts or organize cultural events, for instance. Others plan meetings in which government officials focus on youth-related questions. You may even come across parades and sporting events dedicated to IYD. In some cases, youth-centered groups are celebrated with World Youth Awards.

Over the years, the annual themes of IYD have touched on a wide range of topics. Civic engagement, mental health, education, environmental sustainability, and peace have all been discussed as they relate to young people. 

Goals of IYD

One of the main aims of IYD is to draw attention to the world's youth, highlighting young people's challenges, needs, and triumphs around the globe. This publicity ideally raises money for the UN's Youth Fund while simultaneously encouraging lawmakers and other powerful figures to better involve and support teens and young adults. Above all, IYD aims to give adolescents and young adults a voice, so this demographic has a say in the political decisions that impact them.

IYD and Your Child

One of the best ways to involve your kids in IYD is to support their education and critical thinking abilities. Read to young children about different cultures and expose them to a wide range of future career possibilities. If your kids are in their teens or twenties, discuss their opinions on key political issues impacting their generation.

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