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Celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day on September 26

Sep 26 • 1 minute read

Keeping your family happy and healthy is a lifetime commitment. Celebrate those efforts this Sept. 26 on National Family Health and Fitness Day. Here are three ideas for special activities you and your family can do together.

1. Explore a New Trail

Pack up the family and head outside to explore the great outdoors in a new setting. Check the weather ahead of time so that you can dress everyone appropriately and wear layers when possible. Bring fun snacks and plenty of liquids to keep your family hydrated while they hike. Give kids control when you can, allowing them to choose which paths you follow and pausing to examine exciting finds along the way.

2. Make an Edible Arrangement

Edible arrangements are bouquets of fruit such as pineapple and grapes and other healthy foods arranged aesthetically with skewers acting as stems. To make your own, you will need wooden skewers, your family’s favorite fruits, and dark chocolate to dip pieces in.

Clean fruit and cut larger items such as melons into slices. Using cookie cutters, cut slices into fun shapes such as stars and flowers. Slide the fruit pieces onto skewers arranged like stems in a vase and take a few pictures to share of your creation! Later on, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor together as a family.

3. Try a New Health & Fitness Routine

Health and fitness are more fun to tackle together. Maybe one of your kids has always wanted to try karate. There might be a kickboxing class you’ve had your eye on for a while. Choose a new activity you all can try together to shake up your fitness routines and keep things interesting.

If in-person classes are not accessible, options online can likely be live-streamed. Video classes are also widely available for those who have to work out on their own time.

Staying fit and eating right is easier when you take it on as a family. Part of keeping healthy is regularly visiting the dentist for cleanings and checkups. Schedule your appointment today with the professionals at the Pediatric Dental Group.

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