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Celebrating National Family Day Together

Sep 26 • 1 minute read

National Family Day is a holiday designed to honor our loved ones. Celebrate it this Sept. 26 with your family with one of these fun ideas.

1. Drive-In in the Backyard

Have a movie night under the stars for your family to celebrate National Family Day. Using an outdoor-compatible projector, project your movie of choice onto the side of your house or set up a sheet or backdrop to make it really pop. Lay out blankets and pillows or set up lawn chairs for comfortable viewing. Make some popcorn and provide some candy to give it a proper drive-in feel.

2. Cook a Meal Together

Spend some time as a family looking over recipes you want to try out. Choose one and go shopping for the ingredients together, letting children help pick out the items you need and practicing paying together when you go to check out. Talk to them about kitchen etiquette and best practices for their age group ahead of time.

Assign jobs for everyone to take care of in the cooking process. Let younger children handle stirring and bringing tools to the person actively cooking while more experienced kids help with slicing and dicing and table-setting.

Once dinner is finished, enjoy it sitting at the table together free of the distractions of TV and telephones. For even more family cooking fun, try an “Around the World” theme and experiment with entrees and sides from different countries.

3. Game Night

Game nights are a great way for families to spend time together. You are no longer limited to classics like Monopoly and Scrabble, either, although those can be real crowd-pleasers, too. New and exciting games come out all the time. You don’t even have to stick to board games; there are many video games designed to be played by families that people of all ages can enjoy.

Show your family how much you love them on National Family Day and always. Keep them smiling with these ideas and by keeping up with regular dental appointments. Schedule yours today by contacting the teeth experts at Pediatric Dental Group.

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