Benefits of Fluoride Treatment for Kids

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment for Kids

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment for Kids

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment for Kids

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment for Kids

Bacteria and sugars in your kid’s mouth can result in mineral loss or demineralization. If it progresses further, it can eventually cause cavities. Among the many ways of replacing the lost minerals is through fluoride treatments. They help make your kid’s teeth resistant to harmful bacteria and sugars. Remineralization is the process of replacing lost fluoride, phosphate, and calcium. 


In kids, insufficient or excess fluoride can cause issues like weak teeth and decay. The bacteria in their mouths break down the sugar, generating acid. The acid wears down the hard outer layer of the teeth, causing cavities.




Among the benefits of fluoride treatments for kids is giving them a bright smile. It reduces their risk of developing tooth decay. Dealing with this issue means fewer possibilities of tooth extraction. They will also not experience the discomfort and pain that comes with tooth decay.

Choosing to start fluoride treatments early in your kids’ life can reverse the onset of tooth decay. The therapy helps remineralize and strengthen teeth. For children under six years old, remineralization helps incorporate vital minerals into their permanent teeth. As they grow, their teeth grow sturdier and more resilient to decay.


Application of Fluoride Treatments

There are several forms of fluoride treatments, namely foam, gel, and varnish. You can brush fluoride on the kid’s teeth with your pediatric dentist or primary caregiver. The procedure is simple and takes roughly a minute to apply.


Your child may have to wait up to 30 minutes before attempting to eat or drink anything afterward. You can start the treatment immediately after the teeth appear in babies. As they grow older, repeat the procedure every 3 to 6 months.


Avoid the temptation to apply excess fluoride or increase the frequency of treatments. Whether you use fluoridated water, toothpaste, or professional fluoride treatments, stick to your dentist’s schedule. Teach your child not to swallow or eat toothpaste. Closely monitor their tooth brushing schedules.


Types of Fluoride Treatments


There are many ways to help your kid get the fluoride they require. You can choose to use toothpaste with fluoride as one of its ingredients. However, opt for this solution when your child is old enough to understand that they should spit out toothpaste when brushing. Other types of treatment include:


  • Fluoridated water

  • Over-the-counter or prescription mouthwash with fluoride

  • Prescription tablets or liquids

  • Prescription-strength fluoride application by a dentist


Candidates for Fluoride Treatments


Fluoride treatments are ideal for children between 6 months to 16 years old. If you have no access to fluoridated tap water, your dentist may recommend fluoride supplements. These come in the form of oral tablets or drops.


Your pediatric dentist will prescribe these according to the kid’s age and the amount of fluoride in your current water source. If you buy water from the store, talk to the dentist about recommending a product. However, they can get enough fluoride from brushing their teeth or food prepared using tap water.


Caring for Teeth After Fluoride Treatment


After treatment, do not serve your child hot food. Instead, give them warm or cold meals. Avoid brushing their teeth for four to six hours post-procedure.


For more information on the benefits of fluoride treatments for kids, contact the Pediatric Dental Group at our Honolulu or Lihue, Hawaii offices. Call (808) 593-8828 (Honolulu) or (808) 245-2131 (Lihue) to schedule an appointment today.

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