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Pediatric Dental Group Reviews

“ When their father was my pediatric dentist and now his one of his two sons are the dentist to my daughter, they are kind, respectful and knowledgeable. They keep the safety of your child in mind. The staff are warm and always helpful. That's why we come here. We love this place. Also small toys or sticker are rewards for your child before you leave.”

Susann Fiske

“ Great group of people. They were very accommodating to my daughter. Kept her entertained while at the same time doing what they need to do. We will definitely remain loyal to them.”

Ben M

I have been taking My children to Pediatric Dental Group since My oldest son was a baby. He is now in college but My other 4 children still go there!!

Sunny R

“Great staff and super kid friendly from the time we walked in til we left. Dr. Imai was superb, explained alot and she helped Deucey get comfortable which is hard to do!!! Good stuff”

Lau S

“ All of the doctors here are amazing. Staff is super friendly and my kids love going in for their check ups. Hands down best dentist on Oahu!​​​​​​”

Lani K

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Lihue, HI 96766 https://goo.gl/maps/L6oPC4zjzwMkEioe8 8082452131