Happy Mother’s Day to All the Brushing and Flossing Coaches Out There!

Happy Mother’s Day to All the Brushing and Flossing Coaches Out There!

Happy Mother’s Day to All the Brushing and Flossing Coaches Out There!

Happy Mother’s Day to All the Brushing and Flossing Coaches Out There!

Happy Mother’s Day to All the Brushing and Flossing Coaches Out There!

From dragging your little ones out of bed in the morning to getting them and yourself to school and work on time to managing to keep your family healthy and happy, you, as a mother, do it all. While we are sure your significant other and children will express their thanks in their own, unique ways this Mother’s Day, you may find that, when it comes to how to spend the day, you have to do most of the planning. And hey, who is complaining about that? With the ball in your court, you can plan a day of doing all the things you enjoy without anyone grumbling. However, if you want to cover all your bases and create an itinerary full of activities both you and your loved ones will fully enjoy, take inspiration from these five fun ways to celebrate.

1. Go Out for Brunch

Sure, breakfast in bed is nice, but after you receive your meal, your children may think that their jobs are done. That leaves you with the cleanup, and who wants to clean on Mother’s Day?

If scrubbing pancake spatter from the backsplash and washing a pile of dishes does not sound like your idea of a relaxing time, have your kids get themselves ready and take them to brunch at your favorite breakfast spot. Though you may be tempted to go to a buffet, opt for a traditional restaurant instead. It is easier to make healthy choices at sit-down restaurants than at buffets, where the risk of overindulging is always there.

2. Soak Up the Sun

If you are graced with good weather on Mother’s Day, decide to spend the day outdoors. Take your family someplace that has a special meaning for all of you. Head to the local beach, spend the day on the lake or go to your favorite park. Let your kids and partner pack a picnic for a midday meal. Or, if they are feeling up for it, ask them to grab some hamburger patties and hotdogs to grill at your outdoor destination. Do not forget your bikes, hiking shoes or outdoor toys to keep yourselves entertained all day long.

You do not have to go anywhere to enjoy the day outdoors. If you would rather stay home, spend the day planting flowers or tending to your garden. Or, simply grab a lounge chair and a good book and make it known that you’re off duty for the day.

3. Get Together with the Family

If you live close to family and feel comfortable doing so, call up Mom, Grandma, and any aunts that live close by and make plans for the day. Go out with just you girls to the museum, the beach, or your favorite lunch spot. If your family is a close-knit group of people, host a backyard BBQ. Let the men handle the logistics while you and all the other mothers in your life relax with some refreshing beverages and light snacks.

4. Let Your Inner Kid Out to Play

On almost every other day of the year, you are expected to carry out your responsibilities, make sure others take care of theirs, and set and maintain boundaries. While you cannot shirk the responsibilities of motherhood for the whole year, you can take the day off at least once a year on Mother’s Day.

This Mother’s Day, give yourself permission to let loose, have fun and say yes. Ice cream for breakfast? You know you want to. Hide-and-seek? Engaging in a game or two with your kids will have you laughing and feeling like a kid yourself in minutes. Challenging your loved ones to a water gun fight? Watch your worries about the coming workday melt away as the only concern you have is how to avoid getting wet while sneaking up on your partner with a super soaker.

Acting like a kid for the day may sound very un-mother-like, but it may be just what you need to remind yourself of the joys — both big and small — of motherhood. It can also be good for your heart health, which everyone benefits from.

5. Keep It Simple

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate all you do as a mother is to do nothing. If you do not feel up to making plans with others, going out to eat, or otherwise making a big deal of the day, do not. Simply spending a relaxing afternoon in your home with those you love is enough.

The job of a mother is perhaps one of the most challenging in the world and one that no one can prepare for. Yet, despite your lack of preparation, you are pulling it off with grace. Do not be afraid to give yourself a pat on the back for doing so. Celebrate your accomplishments in a way that makes you happy. Whether that means spending the day outdoors, hosting a family BBQ, or doing nothing, there is no wrong answer on your day.

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