Honor World Teacher's Day on October 5

Honor World Teacher's Day on October 5

Honor World Teacher's Day on October 5

Honor World Teacher's Day on October 5

Honor World Teacher's Day on October 5

Where would we be without teachers? All of us owe a debt of gratitude to at least one teacher who impacted our lives. World Teacher's Day is the perfect opportunity to express that gratitude and remember the people who played such a pivotal role in our growth and development.

The Origins of World Teacher's Day

In 1966, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization adopted The Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers. This document sets UNESCO benchmarks for teacher standards and their rights and responsibilities. The World Teacher Day observance was begun in 1994 to celebrate the anniversary of the recommendation.

This year's celebration is particularly timely as educators struggle with the pandemic. The theme for this year is "Teachers at the heart of education recovery." The intention is to ensure that teachers can develop their full potential in difficult times.

Ways To Observe World Teacher's Day

Celebrating World Teacher's Day can be both fun and educational for you and your family. Some of the possible activities include:

1. Participate in one of UNESCO's online World Teacher's Day events

2. Have your children make their teachers a craft or a card

3. Organize a breakfast, brunch, or lunch for the teachers at your child's school

4. Encourage your children to learn about famous teachers, such as Anne Sullivan, or about the history of teaching in your community

Gifts are always appropriate, but before you purchase the latest "#1 Teacher!" mug, ask your children's teachers what they need for the classroom. Most teachers appreciate new books, crayons, and other supplies.

Foster Change

World Teacher's Day should be about more than food and parties. It is a great opportunity to highlight the challenges facing the teaching profession. Take this time to learn about key issues, such as:

1. Funding - Many school districts face severe funding shortfalls while others have an excess of perks. This inequality hurts all the children, not just the ones in the poorest schools.

2. Diverse Learning Needs - Children learn differently. Teachers in crowded classrooms are challenged to satisfy these needs successfully.

3. Parental Involvement - Too many students have parents who are not supportive. This can range from apathetic parents to parents who attack and accuse the teachers of minor issues.

4. Burnout - Long hours and low pay cause a high teacher turnover.

Commit to addressing an issue or two on World Teacher's Day. Write to your local school board. Email the principal. Talk to city council representatives. Let them all know that you support teachers and want change.

Practice at Home

Help the children in your own home understand the importance of teachers. Show them by example how to honor their teachers. Support their teachers by ensuring that your children are physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for the learning environment.

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