Examining Some Myths and Facts Regarding Milk

Examining Some Myths and Facts Regarding Milk

Examining Some Myths and Facts Regarding Milk

Examining Some Myths and Facts Regarding Milk

Examining Some Myths and Facts Regarding Milk

Folks have been consuming milk for roughly 6,000 years and not just from cows. Some of the animals that produce milk that people use include yaks, goats, camels, sheep, buffaloes and mares. After all that time, there are still many myths regarding milk. Is dairy linked to bone health? Should humans be drinking milk from cows? What is the relationship between milk and tooth decay? When it comes to evaluating facts and myths regarding milk, there is plenty of information to go through.

Is There a Connection Between Milk and Tooth Decay?

People have differing opinions about the relationship between milk and teeth. Experts agree that milk has the potential to cause tooth decay because it contains lactose, which is a form of sugar. If this is allowed to languish in the spaces between your teeth, over time this will likely result in cavities. Further, milk is often mixed with ultra-sugary things such as chocolate or strawberry flavoring, which can compound the likelihood of getting cavities.

What Are Some Myths and Facts Regarding Milk?

In ancient Russia, people believed that putting frogs into jars of milk would keep it from souring. As unlikely as it may seem, there may be some truth to this supposed myth. On the other hand, many current beliefs about milk might not be true.

While fluoride treatments are obviously good for your teeth, folks aren't entirely certain about whether or not milk is. Milk has long been associated with strong bones and a great smile. However, a Harvard study showed that even though milk is rich in calcium, it does not necessarily lead to strong bones. For instance, there isn't proof that milk can prevent osteoporosis in older women.

There is also no evidence that milk helps lose weight. Milk can be made into a bioproduct, but it can't really be called "nature's perfect food" when more than 60 percent of people have some degree of lactose intolerance. While milk provides 1.5 times more hydration than water, the saturated fat and dietary cholesterol in milk prevent it from being considered heart-healthy.

How Can You Overcome the Milk and Tooth Decay Problem?

Brushing your teeth is a simple way to prevent tooth decay from consuming milk. There may indeed be a firm connection between milk and tooth decay, based on the elements involved, but when you brush your teeth, you are removing any of those harmful elements that can lead to tooth decay. Contact The Pediatric Dental Group today with any questions about your child's teeth or to schedule an appointment.





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