Oral Care Tips for Kids With Braces

Oral Care Tips for Kids With Braces

Oral Care Tips for Kids With Braces

Oral Care Tips for Kids With Braces

Oral Care Tips for Kids With Braces

Do braces make your child's oral care complicated? Regular dental care is a crucial part of oral health. It is even more important with braces since their teeth can hold more bacteria and thus require extra cleaning.


With the appropriate cleaning tools and knowledge, you may find that your child's oral care is simpler than you thought. Here are some oral care tips for maintaining healthy oral hygiene in kids with braces.


Learn the Basics


How should you clean teeth with braces? Since it is easy for food debris to get wedged in braces, cleaning should always start with rinsing the mouth to dislodge the debris. 


When brushing, your child should use a soft-bristled brush. For sections between the teeth and braces, it can help to have a special smaller brush to get in small gaps. Your dentist may be able to provide one for you. Additionally, brushing the teeth using circular motions is the most gentle and effective method.


Your child can finish by cautiously brushing the back part of their teeth the same way they do the front.


Brush After Every Meal


Now that your child understands how to clean their teeth, they should do it after every meal. Cleaning after every meal is necessary because braces can easily trap plaque that can attract bacteria if not removed. Waiting to brush your teeth later can accumulate plaque and cause bacteria to develop faster. 


Use Antibacterial Mouthwash Regularly


After brushing the teeth, your child should rinse their mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash. The mouthwash will help flush out any residue remaining inside the mouth, leaving your child's mouth fresh.


Floss Once Every Day


Dentists recommend flossing at least once daily to keep food particles from sticking to the braces and between teeth. Flossing also helps remove plaque and prevent periodontal disease.


Avoid Sugary Foods and Drinks


Sugar may stick to your child's braces and spot their teeth, leaving a mottled surprise when the braces come off. The sugar particles left in the teeth can also harm the enamel and cause decay. 


Avoid Hard Foods


Hard cookies, nuts, chips, apples, and more can be painful to chew with braces on. Besides, these foods can break your child's braces and interfere with treatment. 


Stay Hydrated


Encourage your child to stay hydrated. Water is essential because your child's mouth may react to braces by producing less saliva. This can leave your child's mouth dry and cause dental problems. Additionally, drinking water often helps dislodge food that could be stuck in the braces and thus contributing to plaque or cavities.


Visit Your Child's Dentist Regularly for Professional Dental Cleaning


Ensuring your pediatric dentist cleans your child's teeth every six months while wearing braces is crucial. It helps remove the hardened plaque that develops around the brackets and wires of your child's braces.


If the dentist sees too much plaque around your child's braces, they may ask you to bring your child more often. Frequent professional dental cleanings and treatment may help protect your child's teeth.


For more oral care tips for kids with braces, contact the Pediatric Dental Group at our offices in Honolulu or Lihue, Hawaii. Call (808) 593-8828 (Honolulu) or (808) 245-2131 (Lihue) to book an appointment today.

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