Purpose of Dental Sealants

Purpose of Dental Sealants

Purpose of Dental Sealants

Purpose of Dental Sealants

Purpose of Dental Sealants

The American Pediatric Dental Association recommends dental sealants to children and adults. Sealants are comprised of protective layers that help prevent the onset or worsening of tooth decay. Sealants can help improve your dental and general health. Understanding its purpose can help you prepare for your upcoming treatment.


The Purpose of Dental Sealants

Tooth decay can cause significant damage to teeth and gums. It can start as a tiny dot or a mild ache. The back teeth are more vulnerable to dental decay than the front teeth. These teeth have chewing surfaces that have fissures and pits. The back teeth can harbor bacteria and food particles, and the location of these teeth makes them difficult to brush and floss. That is why these teeth must have dental sealants.

Kids, teens, and adults can all get dental sealants. It’s recommended that a child’s first set of teeth receive this protective coating right away. Permanent premolars and molars must have sealants that could keep bacteria and food particles off their fissures and pits. The protective layer can help maintain the health of permanent teeth for a long time.

Dental sealants are made of resin. They smoothen out the molar surfaces and keep cavities from forming. The dentist will paint the sealants on the premolars and molars. Patients who get these sealants do not see or feel the sealants at all.


How Sealants Improve Oral Health

New permanent teeth do not have thick enamel for protection, making them more prone to dental decay. However, the resin coating in dental sealants can help keep the new enamel healthy. This can extend the life of the developing permanent teeth even longer.


The Application

The dentist will clean the premolars and molars first. This will remove food particles and bacteria from the teeth. Then, the dentist will polish the teeth to keep the substances off the teeth. If there are decaying teeth, the dentist will remove the decay. Cleaning and disinfecting the teeth will follow. Etching the teeth, as well as rinsing and drying, will follow. Once the dentist applies the sealants, treating them with a curing light will fix them.

The patient must still maintain regular oral care practices. Regular brushing and flossing must take place each day. Consistent dental checks and cleanings must also happen. Research shows that dental sealants decrease decay by about 70 percent.


Sealants Are Safe

Dental sealants do not have side effects or risks. That is why you do not need to worry about having this dental treatment! Many dental health professionals recommend sealants for kids, teens, as well as adults. Applying the sealants can prevent tooth loss and the need for serious dental treatments.


How Long Sealants Last

Dental sealants can shield your teeth from decay for about 10 years with proper dental care. Regular dental checks will allow the dentist to see if there is damage to the sealants. If there is, the dentist could replace it right away. Updating the sealants can help you maintain strong teeth.

The purpose of dental sealants is to protect your teeth from decay and maintain your general health. At Pediatric Dental Group, we always help our patients reach their dental health goals with our treatments and procedures.


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