What Is Dental Health Month?

What Is Dental Health Month?

What Is Dental Health Month?

What Is Dental Health Month?

What Is Dental Health Month?

February is National Children's Dental Health Month, a time when healthcare professionals spread the importance of oral health to patients, especially those who have not paid a visit to the dentist in a long time. Many people might wonder why there is an entire month dedicated to this topic; however, it is a topic of importance. What is Dental Health Month, and why is it necessary?


Spreading Awareness During Dental Health Month

Many people tend to forget about dental health and put it on the back burner. Some reasons for this include paying attention to more immediate health issues and fearing the cost of the dentist. In addition, some people have a fear of going to the dentist in general. The month for dental health is a chance for dental providers and other people with an interest in public health to encourage people to go for regular dental checkups and cleanings.


Using the Month To Encourage Healthy Habits Early

Because the month of February is geared toward the dental health of children, it is a great opportunity to remind parents and children of the importance of starting good oral health habits early on in life. Acquiring cavities and other oral health issues early on can lead to bad health later in life, including:


  • Problems with the respiratory system

  • Heart disease

  • Diabetes


Preventing problems with teeth in the first place is much easier than preventing serious conditions such as those listed above.


Celebrating Dental Health Month

The best way to celebrate Dental Health Month is to make an appointment with your dental provider. If you do not have a provider, ask people in your local area for recommendations. Although going to the dentist may not seem like a cause for celebration to most people, making your health a priority is definitely something that is deserving of praise.

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