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Celebrate National Dessert Day with These Great Ideas

Oct 14 • 1 minute read

National Dessert Day is October 14! No one’s sure exactly how the holiday originated, but we do know that desserts go way back. Egyptians in antiquity made their sweets sweet with dates and honey, and pie may have its origins in ancient Greece – the playwright Aristophanes described fruit-filled pastries in his plays. Not sure how to celebrate? Take a look at some ideas for inspiration.

Order Your Favorite Sweets

Holidays are great opportunities for family time, and National Dessert Day is no exception. Stop by your favorite local bakery, restaurant, donut shop, or ice cream parlor today – you are sure to find some tasty temptations or one large confection for everyone to share. Cannot get out? Order in! Indulge in your goodies as after-dinner treats.

Bake Some Delectable Treats

With autumn flavors like pumpkin, apple, cranberry, carrot, and sweet potato, National Dessert Day is a great excuse to bake! The holiday falls on a Thursday in 2021, so be sure to prep with a quick trip to the grocer. If you are like many avid bakers, you already have some fixings in your fridge or pantry. Pressed for time? Cookies are a great option – and who doesn’t love a batch fresh out the oven?

Host a Small Shindig

Fall holidays prompt a lot of our dessert-making activity, but you do not need a big bash to mark National Dessert Day. How about a small shindig instead? To make things more interesting, why not have everyone bring their favorite sweets? If you prefer to go local and seasonal, you have got many confection flavor choices: limes, mangos, mountain apples, papayas, starfruit, and strawberries are in season in October.

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