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4 Ways to Celebrate National New Friends Day

Oct 19 • 1 minute read

October is about more than tricks and treats, pumpkin spice, and festive costumes. Thanks to National New Friends Day, October is the perfect month for taking the opportunity to form new connections and strengthen existing ones. Here are four simple and easy suggestions for widening and strengthening your inner circle during this friendship-themed celebration. 

1. Reach Out to Acquaintances 

National New Friends Day, which is celebrated on October 19, presents the perfect opportunity to find small ways to connect with an acquaintance. It can be as small of a gesture as sending a text or email to ask how someone's doing.  Simply reaching out and showing interest goes a long way in building conversations and relationships. 

2. Make Simple Plans

There is no need to wait for a major occasion or get-together to reconnect with friends. Take it upon yourself to make small plans whenever it fits into your schedule. Reach out to someone and invite them to grab a quick coffee or go for a walk at a local park to catch up or learn more about each other. 

3. Surprise Someone with a Small, Thoughtful Gift

Let someone in your life know that you were thinking of them by gifting a small, but thoughtful, token. No grand gestures are needed here. Simply picking up an extra coffee for a co-worker at the office or a fellow parent at the park playdate will warm hearts and communicate that you are an interested and giving friend. 

4. Participate in an Activity or Group

If your goal is to meet new people and make new friends, find a new interest or activity to participate in. Search for volunteer groups or clubs to join within your community. Even going to a new event, such as a library storytime, can present opportunities for connecting with others. 

Making a new friend can really be as easy as starting a conversation, reaching out to someone you do not talk to often or joining a club. Sometimes great friendships can even start with a smile. Visit Pediatric Dental Group to promote a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles

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