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National Walk & Bike to School Day Is October 6

Oct 6 • 1 minute read

With a plethora of digital games, movies, TV shows and online videos from influencers, kids these days may have a tendency to spend more time than ever indoors. Of course, not all device time is by choice ever since completing homework has become dependent on them, so your child’s busy schedule may often simply preclude fitting in much physical activity. National Walk & Bike to School Day, on October 6, is an excellent reminder to get outside in the fresh air and, hopefully, sunshine, setting aside the screens for a brief period. In fact, what more perfect time is there to fit that much-needed exercise into a child’s day than the time they have to spend traveling anyway?

Helping your child become and remain healthy today will create a foundation for your child to have brighter and more hopeful years to come. At Pediatric Dental Group, we are eager to do our part in helping you set your child up for a healthy and successful future. When it is time for an oral health checkup, give us a call to schedule the next appointment. Don’t forget during your visit to tell us all about the ways your child is fitting more physical activity into each day!

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