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Celebrate World Kindness Day This Year

Nov 13 • 1 minute read

The world can be a tough place, but a little gentleness can go a long way. This year, why not add some love to the universe on World Kindness Day?

When Is World Kindness Day?

World Kindness Day is on November 13 of every year. In 2021, it falls on a Saturday.

What Is World Kindness Day?

This international holiday celebrates and encourages all kinds of kindness. Many countries observe it:

       The U.A.E.

       The U.S.

       The U.K.




What Is the History?

World Kindness Day was started by the World Kindness Movement, a coalition of organizations across the globe that focus on positive efforts within communities. The holiday was first celebrated in 1998 and has grown in popularity ever since.

How Can You Celebrate?

There's no one way to celebrate World Kindness Day, which means you can observe it in a way that's meaningful to you. All forms of kindness are encouraged: kindness to yourself, loved ones and strangers.

Additionally, kind acts of all sizes are valid. If you can take the day to volunteer, that's wonderful. However, you can also participate with small efforts such as the following:

       Write yourself a note detailing your favorite thing about yourself, then put it where you can see it first thing in the morning

       Tell the people you love how much they mean to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life

       Perform an anonymous, random act of kindness for a stranger

Why Observe World Kindness Day?

Everybody benefits from a kinder world. When we show love to our community, we let others know they're welcome here.

Did you know that a simple but highly effective way to show kindness is to smile? Even young kids can do it. Of course, to keep their smiles beautiful, children need a pediatric dentist such as the Pediatric Dental Group. To learn more or make an appointment, give us a call at (808) 593-8828 for our Honolulu location and (808) 245-2131 for Lihue or visit us online.

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