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How to Honor Your Parents on National Pay Back Your Parents Day

Nov 20 • 1 minute read

National Pay Back Your Parents Day — which falls on November 20 — is a new type of holiday designed to honor parents. It recognizes the enormous amount that parents do for children, and specifically, the high cost of raising children. This holiday is a way to give thanks for their financial contributions, by paying them back in more ways than one.

Here are some tips for how to celebrate.

Talk Finances with Your Parents

Just because your parents have worked and retired does not necessarily mean they are financially stable. While talking about finances with your parents can sometimes be difficult, National Pay Back Your Parents Day is a perfect day to do so.

Discuss their current financial state, investments, future plans — and any help they need. Perhaps, if you are now doing well financially, your parents would consent to accepting some fiscal help from your direction.

Help With Chores and Other Work

Financial help is hardly the only form of assistance your parents gave you, and it is certainly not the only type you need to provide them. Help your parents out with work that needs to be done around the house — painting, repairing drywall, cleaning gutters, and other maintenance. Tackling some of these difficult but necessary home chores can save them time, energy, and money that they might otherwise need to pay to a contractor.

But Your Parents a Gift

Sometimes parents are reluctant to discuss money or accept help from their children. In such cases, you can avoid unnecessary conflict by simply purchasing them a gift! Consider something substantial, but helpful, like a new sofa, television, or other major appliance. This can be financially helpful and go a long way towards showing them how important they are to you.


One way to pay back your parents is to remember the ways they sought to do their best for you, and work to do the same for your children. Part of that is ensuring consistent, quality dental care. Pediatric Dental Group has a wealth of experience in attending to children's dental needs and can ensure that your family's teeth are as healthy as they should be.

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