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3 Reasons Why Good Oral Hygiene Makes Birthdays Better

May 16 • 1 minute read

Children's birthdays are already a time for celebration, but have you realized how much better the party can be when you have kept up with your kids' oral healthcare? It is true! A brighter, whiter smile can make a birthday much more enjoyable, and here are three reasons why.

1. Picture-Perfect Memories

It seems like a rite of passage for parents, grandparents, and everyone else to take a lot of photos during a birthday party. When everyone has taken care of their teeth throughout the year, those snapshots are going to be a whole lot brighter and enthusiastic. Discolored teeth or unexpected tooth loss can be embarrassing, often causing people to hide their smiles from the camera. This would create some dull memories of the occasion. Brushing and flossing each day, as well as keeping up with annual oral checkups, can ensure everyone is picture-perfect on the big day.

2. Sweet Indulgences

What birthday party is complete with everyone’s favorite snacks and sweets? Candy and excessive sugars or carbonation can be damaging to the teeth. When done in moderation and when combined with routine dental care, it is not a problem. It becomes a problem when cavities or sensitivities have formed, often making it painful to indulge in certain foods or drinks. Healthy, happy teeth and gums will not cause pain or discomfort during the party, allowing everyone to indulge in tasty treats.

3. Positive Energy and Activities

Tooth pain is uncomfortable and if severe enough, it can be debilitating. Any discomfort is going to make it hard to run, jump, play and enjoy the party with enthusiasm. It is also a lot harder for children to power through their discomfort, preferring instead to be snuggled or completely still to minimize pain. Not having the energy to take part in the festivities can ruin a birthday. When you have kept up with a consistent routine of visits to the dentist, any potential concerns will have been addressed long before they got serious.

Party on With Our Pediatric Dentists

At Pediatric Dental Group, your child’s oral health is our number-one job. With expert care, you do not have to worry about a boring or uncomfortable birthday party. Contact our office to schedule your child’s next oral checkup.

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