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Global Day of Parents

Jun 1 • 2 minute read

The significance of parenthood is recognized on Global Day of Parents on June 1. The day was first commemorated in 2012 by the UN General Assembly. Since then, the day has honored the role of parents around the world.  While parenthood is a universal experience, it is a very challenging job. From childbirth to potty training to dealing with hormonal teenagers, being an excellent parental figure is never easy. This June 1, observe this special day by doing one of the following activities. 

Learn About Global Day of Parents

There is a lot of information out there about this important day. You can read the history of the day on the UN’s website and other educational websites. Many nonprofit family organizations celebrate the day and release information via social media. After you have browsed the internet, consider heading to the library to learn more about parenthood and its importance. 

Talk With Other Parents

Are you feeling isolated and want to commiserate with other parents? Reach out to other moms or dads on your block or in your family to exchange stories and provide support. Aside from sharing a few funny stories, you may also identify a potential babysitter or friend for your child. Being a good parent is a challenging job and finding a support system is essential. 

Watch a Parenting Movie with Your Kids

Celebrate Global Day of Parents by watching a family movie with your children and other family members. Various films feature the special relationship between children and parents. Choose a favorite from your childhood and show it to your kids. Sharing a favorite movie can be a great way to share your childhood memories with your kids and create a new unique tradition. 

Give Yourself a Break

Being a parent is an all-consuming job and can be taxing if you do not take a break from time to time. Find a babysitter for your kids and plan a memorable day out for yourself. Whether you choose to go shopping, to the spa, or on a date with your partner, taking some time for yourself can leave you feeling renewed. 

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