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Harness the Strength of a Smile on National Smile Power Day

Jun 15 • 2 minute read

There may be nothing more immediately therapeutic than a glowing smile from the heart. Smiling lifts your mood and lightens the burden of all those around you whether they want it or not. A smile has actual, positive physical effects on your body, and it is the one thing you can do to boost your emotional state anywhere, anytime, and for free. So why not join in the fun and give your cheeks a workout by spreading smiles on National Smile Power Day?

National Smile Power Day — June 15

The United States recognizes June 15 as National Smile Power Day. Smiles are contagious, and even if unrepentant happiness is not your thing, this is the day to grin at everyone for no other reason than because you can.

A Dedicated Day for Grins

Once, an unknown entity decided that smiling was important enough to humanity that we should devote an entire day to spreading joy with a simple facial expression. This is the day for you to practice beaming and take the time to notice precisely how a smile affects everyone, especially you. Break out a smile when:

       You think of something happy

       You’re about to do something you don’t like to do

       You make eye contact with a stranger

       Someone speaks to you unpleasantly

       You interact with a store clerk

       You need a confidence boost

       You’re walking through a crowd

Do not stop there, either. Smile when you are alone, smile for no reason, and smile especially when you really do not feel like smiling. The results might surprise you.

A Smile Is More Than an Expression

Smiling is an involuntary and often irrepressible reaction to a pleasant memory or a joyous encounter. National Smile Power Day helps us also recognize that it can be a proactive measure against depression and hostility. A smile stimulates the pituitary gland, which dumps the happy hormones called endorphins into your system, instantly improving your mood. And since humans are prone to echopraxia, or automatically mimicking each other’s actions, a smile can disarm a potential confrontation or simply help out a stranger who’s having a bad day.

Celebrate National Smile Power Day with the Pediatric Dental Group

We believe that every day is the best day to observe excellent dental hygiene, but National Smile Power Day would be the perfect day to schedule appointments for your kids. Teach them about the potency of a bright, genuine smile, and let us help keep their teeth healthy. Contact the Pediatric Dental Group today!

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