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National Tooth Fairy Day Is Twice as Nice

Aug 22 • 1 minute read

National Tooth Fairy Day is unique because it actually happens twice a year. This biannual opportunity to celebrate that cute little tooth-nabbing sprite happens in conjunction with the six-month dental check-up schedule that your child should have. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child begins having regular 6-month check-ups beginning at just 12 months of age. You can use National Tooth Fairy Days on August 28 and February 28 to schedule your child’s biannual dental check-up with the Pediatric Dental Group. 

What Are Some Good Representations of the Tooth Fairy? 

It is true that some kids find the Tooth Fairy unsettling and maybe even scary. We understand. The Tooth Fairy can be fun to read about in books and watch in movies to help those uneasy feelings. The animated movies “Rise of the Guardians,” “Ernestine and Celestine,” and "The Hairy Tooth Fairy" have fun portrayals of the Tooth Fairy. The “Berenstain Bears and the Tooth Fairy,” “The Tooth Fairy’s Night,” and "Franklin and the Tooth Fairy" are three not-scary stories to read about the Tooth Fairy. 

Does Pediatric Dental Group Know the Real Tooth Fairy?

At Pediatric Dental Group, we work with kids and their families to make sure their teeth are as healthy as possible. When it is time for a tooth to come out, we give the tooth to you and not to anyone else. We also like to make sure that you come twice a year for an exam and a cleaning to make sure that your teeth don’t fall out unless they are supposed to. So, yes, we’ve heard of the Tooth Fairy, but we work very differently than she does. 

We want you to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day by getting your biannual exam and cleaning on August 28 and February 28 every year. Call 808-593-8828 for the Honolulu location or 808-245-2131 for the Lihue location and make your appointments now.

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