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How to Celebrate National Beach Day

Aug 30 • 1 minute read

Spending a relaxed day at the beach with your family is an excellent way to enjoy the ocean’s natural beauty and escape the stress of the real world. Time seems to move slower when you’re on the beach, and you can pack several fun-filled activities into each visit. On August 22nd, you can celebrate National Beach with your loved ones by leaving your worries at home and experiencing the wonders of the cool ocean water and warm sand. Here are some of the ways to get the most out of your beach day.

Surfing the Waves

Even if you’re not a skilled surfer, you can still ride the ocean’s waves. Bodyboards, inflatable rafts and skimboards provide exhilarating wave rides for beachgoers of all ages. Check the local beach reports or ask a lifeguard for information on rip currents and unfavorable conditions.

Playing Bocce Ball

Bocce ball was played by Egyptians and Romans, making it one of the world’s oldest games. Although it's ancient, it hasn’t lost its appeal on the beach. The beach sand is the ideal surface for the sport, and it’s an activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Searching for Seashells

After a few hours of fighting the surf, you can take a leisurely walk on the sand to hunt for seashells. You might get lucky and find a pristine sand dollar or rare Scotch Bonnet shell.

Flying a Kite

Whether you prefer stunt kites or box kites, the beach is a great location for kite flying. You can hold a contest to see who can sail the highest.

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