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4 Ways to Make the Grandparents in Your Life Feel Special This Grandparents Day

Sep 12 • 1 minute read

This September 12th, celebrate Grandparents Day with the grandparents in your life. Show them the love you feel and how grateful you are for them through one of these special ideas.

1. Bake for Them

Grandmothers are well-known for their desire to keep their grandchildren well-fed. Return the favor by cooking your grandparents something tasty that they will enjoy. Grandmas and grandpas alike will love that you have taken the time to make something just for them. Bonus points if you use one of grandma’s special recipes — even if you cannot replicate it exactly, she will love that you tried.

2. Watch a Classic Movie with Them

Do some digging to find out what your grandparents’ favorite movies were growing up. Then find those films on a streaming service or rent them. Set the movie up as a surprise and watch the smiles on your grandparents’ faces as they see the films of their youth up on the screen for all of you to enjoy. You will all cherish the memory of sharing a classic together.

3. Make Them a Memory Book

Show your gratitude for the role your grandparents have played in your life by putting together a memory book. Use an online service to put the book together for you so that you do not have to damage precious copies of old pictures by adding glue or tape to them. Your grandparents will love seeing the pictures that have been important to you over the years and will be grateful you took the time to put together such a thoughtful testament to the love you all share.

4. Show Them How to Use Technology

It can be difficult for grandparents to keep up with the technology of their grandchildren, but in many cases, using that technology can have a positive impact on older peoples’ lives. Take an afternoon to teach your grandparents how to use a tablet or laptop. Show them how to use a smart speaker or voice control remote. They will appreciate your patience and the convenience the technology adds to their lives.

Just as you want to keep the grandparents in your life smiling, grandparents want to keep their grandchildren happy and healthy. That includes their pearly whites. Schedule an appointment with the dentists at Pediatric Dental Group to keep your kids smiling all year long. 

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