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Wife Appreciation Day Is September 19th

Sep 19 • 1 minute read

Mark it on your calendar: Wife Appreciation Day is September 19th. Every day is a great day to show your wife you love her, but take extra effort for this special day. Show the woman you love how precious she is to you using one of these ideas:

1. Brunch in Bed

Breakfast in bed is good, but brunch in bed is even better. Let your wife turn the alarm clock off for the day and sleep in to her heart’s content. Then, when she’s good and rested, bring her the brunch of her dreams. Whether that’s mimosas and quiche or waffles and tea, choose something you know will delight her and treat her with it in bed. Clean up and wash the dishes afterward, and it'll be the perfect start to a happy day.

2. Tackle a Project Together

If your wife is like most wives, there is something she’s been meaning to do or ask you to do around the house for a while, but she just hasn’t gotten around to it. Show her your appreciation by offering to take on the project she’s got in the back of her mind. Make a trip to the local hardware or home décor store together, pick out the necessary goods and then return home to make her vision a reality. When that project is finished, her vision will be focused on you, and she will be thinking of how lucky she is to have found a partner like you.

3. Have a Candlelit Dinner

When was the last time you and your wife enjoyed dinner by candlelight? For many, those dinners are reserved for special occasions or are only seen in movies. Find a pair of candlesticks and set them at the center of the table or go wild and cover the banisters and tables with votives or freestanding candles. With candlelight lighting up your meal, even takeout will seem like a romantic dream.

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