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4 Steps to Give Back to Your Community on the International Day of Charity

Sep 5 • 1 minute read

The International Day of Charity was originally intended to honor the legacy of Mother Teresa. Over time, it has come to celebrate all forms of charity and charitable giving. This September 5th, pay tribute to the role charity plays in all of our lives and give back to your community by hosting a charity auction or yard sale for a local beneficiary.  

1. Choose Who Will Benefit

Choose a group or individual in your community that could benefit from monetary assistance. Perhaps there is a local teacher struggling with medical bills from a cancer diagnosis or a nearby animal shelter that could use some fundraising. Maybe a family has gone through a hardship due to a housefire or a local youth program needs funding to pay for new books and art supplies. If you pick a cause that you feel passionate about and share that passion with those around you, others will want to join up. 

2. Collect Donations

Ask friends, family, and neighbors for donations of items in good condition that they no longer need. Businesses will often donate to events like this as well, so do not hesitate to ask local stores and companies. Communities love to come together to help those in need, especially when someone else is managing the details. Be sure to thank those who donate for their charitable giving.

3. Hold the Event

If you do not have access to a free or low-cost venue, you can host the event online using a platform such as Facebook to reach a wide audience. Simply factor in shipping to the auction or sales price or ask that all buyers be willing to pick up items. When it comes to pricing, you can research on your own or reach out to those who donate for suggestions.

4. Deliver the Earnings

When the items have all been assigned new homes and the hard part is over with, count up the money you have collected and deliver it promptly. You will likely make someone’s day with your kindness and generosity of spirit.

This International Day of Charity, put a smile on someone's face. To keep the smiles of those you love happy and healthy all year long, brush and floss regularly, limit your sugar intake and schedule regular dental appointments with the professionals at Pediatric Dental Group. 

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