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4 Ways to Celebrate International Literacy Day in Your Community

Sep 8 • 1 minute read

International Literacy Day, celebrated on September 8th, was created to encourage communities worldwide to tackle illiteracy together. Reading is an invaluable life skill that affects a person’s ability to operate within the world. Help improve literacy in your community this International Literacy Day with one of these ideas:

1. Install a Little Free Library

Little free libraries have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and with good reason. These tiny book collections, often no more than a few feet tall and wide, offer highly localized ways of sharing books with community members. At these locations, individuals can leave books for others to take and take books that others have left.

2. Read to a Class

Elementary schools and daycare centers do a lot of reading aloud in the course of a year, and they often are looking for parent and community volunteers to come in and bring their unique voices to stories. Volunteer to do a special read-aloud activity with a group of kids and choose a book that is special to you. For bonus points, research a fun activity to go along with it. The more kids associate reading with fun, the better!

3. Volunteer at a Nursing Home

Little kids are not the only ones who love to be read to. Many elderly individuals have difficulty reading because of deteriorating eyesight and other health issues. Take a stack of your favorite books to a nursing home and volunteer to read one on one to the residents there. They will appreciate both the stories and the attention.

4. Donate Books to a Children’s Hospital

Many times, the books available to kids in children’s hospitals are well-worn and outdated. Research newer, well-reviewed books and purchase copies to donate to children’s hospitals for the kids to enjoy. Children in these hospitals are often stuck there without company while parents and guardians have to work or care for siblings. Having access to new books allows them to explore new worlds from their hospital beds.

Literacy is essential for leading full, happy lives. Doing what you can to encourage literacy in your community is sure to bring smiles to the faces of those involved. For help ensuring those smiles are healthy and bright, contact the smile experts at Pediatric Dental Group to schedule an appointment today. 

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