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Celebrate Your Friends This Secret Pal Day

Jan 11 • 1 minute read

Everyone likes to feel loved and appreciated, and surprises can be a wonderful way to show the people you care about how much they mean to you. January 11 is Secret Pal Day which is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate to your friends how special they are. Check out these ideas for how to celebrate your friends this Secret Pal Day.

1. Sneak Them Snacks

Stop by the store and pick up a couple of tasty treats for your friend that you know they will love or whip up a batch of their favorite cookies. Make plans ahead of time with their coworkers or family to get the snacks discreetly onto your friend's desk or into their fridge where they can be a happy surprise for your friend. Remember that it is supposed to be secret, so do not sign your name on any card you might add to it. Let the anonymity add to the magic.

2. Write an Anonymous Note

Think about all of the things about your friend that make them great, and then compose a list of those qualities and actions that will be sure to bring a big smile to your pal's face. Choose things like, "You are always so kind to waitstaff," that are specific but not so much so that the list is obviously from you. Mail it to them anonymously or sneak it into their car when they are not looking.

However you choose to celebrate your friends this Secret Pal Day, rest assured that you will all be glad that you did. They will be grateful to know someone was thinking of them, and you will have a smile a mile wide delighting in your good deed. To keep your whole family smiling year-round, schedule an appointment with the experts at Pediatric Dental Group today.

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