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Childhood can be a glorious experience for all of those involved: the kids who are learning how to navigate the world and the adults who are watching them with the blend of hope and fear unique to people raising children. January 12 is National Youth Day, and it is the perfect opportunity to honor childhood and children in all their energetic, messy, wonderful forms. Celebrate it with the youth in your life with these three ideas.

1. Get on Their Level

When parenting babies and toddlers, it is recommended that parents and caregivers quite literally get on their level. When adults are on the floor playing with the kids in their lives, it is both delightful and reassuring to the little ones. As children age, the level you must meet them on may be more metaphorical but is just as important.

Get on their level by asking your kids how they would most like to spend National Youth Day. Be open to ideas as long as you may do them together. Your willingness to join them on the beach or playing a video game on the sofa may mean more to them than you can know.

2. Make Something Together

Kids love to create, so choose something for you to make together that your child will enjoy. For very small children, this may mean fingerpainting a masterpiece. For teenagers, you might want to take them to a local art studio where you all can create pottery.

Children of all ages can enjoy baking goodies or building a sandcastle. The important thing is that you are working together to make something with love and creating memories in the process.

3. Tell Them How Wonderful They Are

It is easy to get so caught up in raising children that you can forget to tell them all the ways that you value and admire them. Take the time this National Youth Day to share with them how precious they are to you. Let them know you have noticed all of the things they are doing right and thank them for the joy they bring to your life. You may be surprised how much your words can affect them.

Make an effort to bring smiles to the faces of the children in your life this National Youth Day. To keep those smiles happy and healthy all year long, contact Pediatric Dental Group today.

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