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Motivate and Inspire a Child This January 2

Jan 2 • 1 minute read

It is easy to think the people who inspire children most are famous. It is not the people whose posters line their rooms that have the biggest impact on kids, though. Family members, teachers, coaches, and other leaders are the individuals who really have the ability to motivate and inspire. This January 2, celebrate Motivation and Inspiration Day with the kids in your life.

1. Share Your Story

Kids can take for granted that the adults in their lives just arrived at the place they are with little thought for how much work might have gone into it. Talk with your children about all the steps you had to take to get in the position you are now. They might be surprised to learn everything that went into getting your job or achieving your dreams. Show them how you overcame adversity in your life so they can see how they might do the same one day.

2. Plan Their future together

Although some children know what they want to be from an early age, most will not be sure what they want to do when they grow up. It might seem difficult to plan for a future where the final destination is not known, but almost all paths a child might want to take can benefit from similar practices: doing their best in school, developing a strong work ethic and learning to persist in the face of difficulties.

Whether they want to be a YouTuber or a computer programmer, these skills will help them better reach their goals. Make a plan together for them to reach their ultimate goals by creating more manageable mini-goals along the way with small rewards to help motivate them. Knowing you are in this together and that you have a shared plan will help them feel supported, purposeful, and capable. 

Do not leave the motivation and inspiration to famous actors and ballplayers. Work together with your children to help them see their dreams are within reach. When they achieve those dreams, you will all be smiling. To keep those smiles healthy for years to come, schedule regular checkups with Pediatric Dental Group.

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