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What is Xylitol and does it Prevent Cavities?

Look around and you can find xylitol in everything from sugarless candy to mouthwashes. You may be wondering about this popular sweetener. Is it really effective in preventing cavities? At Pediatric Dental Group, we want you to have the best information to protect your children’s teeth and health. Here are the facts about xylitol.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment for Kids

Bacteria and sugars in your kid’s mouth can result in mineral loss or demineralization. If it progresses further, it can eventually cause cavities. Among the many ways of replacing the lost minerals is through fluoride treatments. They help make your kid’s teeth resistant to harmful bacteria and sugars. Remineralization is the process of replacing lost fluoride, phosphate, and calcium. 

Tips to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

As soon as your child’s baby teeth start to appear, the risk of tooth decay comes with them. Bottle feeding poses a specific risk to your baby’s teeth, particularly when used as a method to calm a young one. Read on to learn why and how to protect your child’s baby teeth and create a strong foundation for oral health.

What Are Sharks Teeth in Children

Lots of shifting and growing can occur inside the mouth even during a 6-month time period. If your child suddenly starts to complain of an oral ache or an irritation, and you take a look only to discover that a second row of sharks teeth is popping through the surface behind the front row, rest assured that this is not an uncommon occurrence.  

What Is a Pediatric Anchorage?

During the time that children are losing and growing new teeth, a lot can take place. Teeth become misaligned and can even grow in place misaligned. While people usually think of braces when they think of aligning teeth, an anchorage can also be used to assist and even speed things up.

Halitosis Causes and Treatments

Halitosis is the scientific name for a condition of bad breath. It may be conditional and temporary, going away once the trigger has been eliminated. Halitosis can also be chronic, meaning it does not simply go away with mints and mouthwash.

Oral Care Tips for Kids With Braces

Do braces make your child's oral care complicated? Regular dental care is a crucial part of oral health. It is even more important with braces since their teeth can hold more bacteria and thus require extra cleaning.

Temporary Habits After You Have Had A Dental Implant Surgery

If you are planning dental implant surgery, you’re probably looking forward to that point when you no longer have pain in your mouth and you can eat, talk, and treat your mouth normally.

Frequently Asked Questions About Charcoal Toothpaste

Your children's dental hygiene is an important part of caring for their overall health. There are so many choices of toothpaste, mouthwash and other products on the market that it can be overwhelming to try to figure out which one is the best. You may have heard great things about charcoal toothpaste, proclaiming it as the newest and brightest star in the dental care industry. How much of the hype is true, though?

Some Facts About Plaque

Most children love sweet treats. Whether they're eating cake at a birthday party or enjoying a popsicle on a hot day, the consumption of sugary foods is almost a given. The plaque that forms on their teeth is just as inevitable. The key is not avoiding plaque but getting rid of it on a regular basis. Teaching children effective methods for brushing their teeth regularly is just the start.

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